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Outsourcing Trends

"Outsourcing is nothing less than a full-blown mega-trend all around the world"

Outsourcing, going to be more and more of a mainstream phenomenon, is now a business essential. The next wave in globalization is focused on the transplantation of entire IT departments offshore. Recent trends suggest that the outsourcing market will continue to grow. Contracts are awarded incessantly and study indicates that companies are expanding the range of IT services they outsource.

Recent Trends

The global market

To improve business performance outsourcing of business processes and functional activities is one of the options available. Companies that employ outsourcing are more financially stable than are those that do not.

Globalization and de-reguation has changed the entire face of business and the companies are about to receive the new business model, ‘outsourcing'. The new atmosphere speeds up business processes, eliminating administration costs and improving efficiency.

Global outsourcing

Trend setting factors

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