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Outsourcing Destinations

“ Firms are considering outsourcing more than ever before -- and their choices are growing by the minute”

IT outsourcing continues to dominate; however, in the global marketplace, an increasing number of companies, both multinationals and service providers, are heading into the business process outsourcing (BPO) arena.

Outsourcing destinations are grouped into three categories:

The countries have been compared on parameters such as total size, average IT employee costs, total workforce, number of quality certifications, main clients and other considerations.

Main destinations

At present, the most preferred destinations for IT services outsourcing include Ireland , India , Israel , Canada , Philippines and South Africa.

Upcoming destinations

Include Ukraine , Russia , the Czech Republic , Poland , China , Pakistan , Brazil , Argentina and Mexico.

Negatives for these upcoming destinations include unstable economies (Eastern European countries), geo-political risks ( Pakistan ) and problems in retaining talent and poor infrastructure.

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