Desktop Publishing, involves the use of a computer and specialized
software to combine text and graphics to create a document that
can be printed on a laser postscript printer, proofed on a IRIS proffer.
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Multimedia is the newest way of communicating ideas by means of digital interface. With the purpose of communication, various technologies let visual and audio media to get combined in innovative ways.

Since every PC comprises CD-ROM or DVD drive, a good sound and a video card, it is therefore competent of multimedia. It is more than one simultaneous presentation medium, on CD-ROM or a Web site.

It is employed characteristically to denote the combination of text, sound, and motion video, art and animation with links and tools that allow the professor/novice to find the way, correlate, and to be in touch with the computer.

When you allow the user to manage and whilst these elements are delivered, it is interactive multimedia. When you give a structure of associated elements through which the learner can navigate, interactive multimedia turns out to be hypermedia.

In addition to traditional media—text and graphics, computer information can also be exemplified through audio, graphics, image, video and animation.

Multimedia represents a number of dedicated media appliances, such as-- digital video recorders, interactive television, MP3 players, advanced wireless devices and public video displays. Multimedia also refers to operate the electronic media on the way to stockpile and experience the content of multimedia.

In India this Technology is in the initial stage of the development. It is used for educative purpose—

The major applications of Multimedia are --

Non-linear content (also known as hypermedia content) presents customer interactivity to manage the progress as used with a computer game or used in self-paced computer based training.

Today, Multimedia educational computing is one of the highest growing markets in the world. Instead of restricting you to the linear arrangement of text, Multimedia, by conferring words with a new facet, formulates the reading dynamic.

Multimedia is largely divided into linear and non-linear categories. Without any navigation control for the viewer, linear active content make the headway. For example-- Cinema presentation.

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